Video Tours

I have now completed and worked with many businesses and created video tours they can use on their websites, these vary from product demonstrations to hotel video tours..

I use different techniques depending on the requirements and will mix high quality photographic panoramic with video footage taken from broadcast level HD Sony digital cameras..this approach i believe covers all areas and allow me to create high definition videos that can then be uploaded to places such as facebook, youtube and any other social websites.

With any service i offer the best way is to contact me and go through your requirements, every client needs something different, it would be misleading to quote costs here and then deviate due to unforeseen requirements.Please contact me for advice, its always free and there's no obligation to take the next step..

Web Design

Now with over 10 years of experience in website design i pride myself in being able to supply advice and solutions that complete the requirements of my clients the best way possible.

I am able to complete many needs from a basic 3 to 5 page static website right through to fully responsive mobile friendly database driven websites.

Responsive websites are now the best way for a website to be built, it will let your clients view your website clearly on any device and maintain an easy to read structure, however due to the extra development needed for these types of websites there's always an increase in the cost for a fully responsive and editable website.

There are other ways to create websites, if your not to worried about being able to edit your own websites such as text and images and simply need to have a website that acts more like an extension of your business card then this will be much easier to complete...and therefore cheaper.


Graphic Design

When it comes to design work whether you're looking for brochures or designs for your vehicles I have supplied such items in the past to several companies.

I have created livery designs for a falconry centre and also designs for a local company for their cow comfort products. There have been several A4 brochures and quarter page adverts for globally distributed magazines which I have also supplied.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me, there is no obligation at all and I am always interested in new ventures.

Book Publishing

Some of my most recent projects have been book publishing in several formats, such as Kindle, Createspace and standard paperback prints.

Self publishing is now a whole lot easier today than its ever been, there are ways now that dont require you to pay up front printing costs, this fact alone can stop people from ever getting their work out to the public.

Anyone now with friends or family that are computer literate can take advantage of services like Createspace and Kindle, but for those of you who dont have the right contacts can give me a call, i can talk through your possible options and help you format your work correctly so that it appears right inside Kindle and Createspace.


Kindle Publishing

In many ways uploading your work into the Kindle format is easy, that's to say once you have your content formatted correctly then its a matter of pressing a few buttons and sending in your work.

The trick though is to get your work into that format, sometimes you can be lucky and get things just right in a WordPress document, or it may well be that you have created a PDF document, uploaded it and all seems great...

More often than not though when uploading things like your TOC (Table of Content) mess up as the document HTML isn't correct, or it may be that fonts are not correct, or that the word document contains hidden formatting that messes things up...

You can drop me an email and ask me to take a look, i prefer to remove all formatting and start from a fresh clean document, then add features and fonts one step at a time.