Our Members Area

We have a dedicated members area where communication between us can be made easier, the members area well let you upload any files you would like to supply me, it also lets me visually show you how the progress is going, you will see a link below that will show you how i can supply you with a digital proof of your project.

Kindle Publishing


Reach millions of readers by publishing in Amazon's Kindle store.

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and the Kindle is by far the most popular electronic book format available.

With eBook sales gaining year over year, publishing for Kindle simply makes sense for both new and seasoned authors.

Your book will be available for purchase on, the Kindle eBook Reader, the Kindle Fire and dozens of other devices.



Createspace offers authors an easier way to get their work out and be available for purchase, there's no bulk ordering involved like the older ways of publishing where the more copies you had printed in one go the cheaper each individual copy became, the drawback being you needed to spend an initial up front cost of at least £1000 right at the start...

Well Createspace requires no up front costs, so this is great for anyone who simply doesnt have Loads of £ to spend 🙂

For someone who isnt computer orientated though it can still be daunting to create the correct file set, so thats where I come in..



The more traditional way to proceed is to supply a manuscript to an editor, they will then in turn create a computer file that contains your work and they will handle all things such as tables of content, indexes, page breaks and style formatting, page numbers and anything else that's required..

They will then supply the printers with their created file, the printers will then in turn firstly supply the author with a proof copy to assess, then will print out in bulk all of the ordered copies.

This way to proceed will cost more up front, however the author is likely to get each book at a lower cost giving the potential to have higher control over distribution.

Common Questions (More coming soon)


I have used several publishers in the past, but needed a fresh set of eyes on my latest set of books, three book parts have now been completed by Carl and are available to buy from Amazons Createspace, everything went smooth and my trilogy on North Devon Boxing has now been completed.

Dick Brownson

I had spent many years of my life researching and working in Malaysia and had always wanted to put pen to paper and have it printed into book form. I now have my book available , its called Towards The Completed Landscape, i cant praise enough the way in which my needs were met.

Charles Folland