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Jesus, Religion & Spirituality

A SPIRITUAL CRUSADE In delving into the origins of Christianity, the truth behind the story of the birth of Jesus and his Crucifixion, and the beliefs around the world, I have tried to give ‘food for thought’, and to bring to attention the fact that ‘the facts’ are perhaps not as accurate as we have…

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The Saga of Barak

Barak’s world is a harsh world. Barak is a giant of a man, he is a slayer who metes out harsh justice and does not suffer fools gladly. Although a king in his own right it suits him to be in the employ of Rome carrying out their wishes. Returning to Britain from one of…

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The Dark Wood

Pixies and Fairies live happily in sunny Pixie Wood , where King Bapoo takes care of them, one day the King sees something wrong, he sends his guard to find out what it is. The guard returns to tell the King what he saw , ‘ I saw giants my lord ‘ the King decides…

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