Pixies and Fairies live happily in sunny Pixie Wood , where King Bapoo takes care of them, one day the King sees something wrong, he sends his guard to find out what it is. The guard returns to tell the King what he saw , ' I saw giants my lord ' the King decides he must go to stop the giants ; but it doesn't work: the King returns and calls a meeting . The King asks for someone to go to 'The Dark Wood ' to talk with the giants. A young Pixie called Forrick steps forward to take on this quest , the owl Matoo agrees to go with him, they fly through the night and Matoo leaves Forrick to face the giants alone. Forrick is frightened but he knows he must do this , he's discovered by Anna ( a little girl , though to him she's a giant ) they talk and Anna explains her family are only clearing the deadwood and brambles to allow the sunshine into the forest so it will live again . Relieved at this Forrick quickly returns to tell the King , all is well , Forrick is rewarded and given the job of Chief Berry Picker to King Bapoo .. This clever story shows that you can do anything if you only have the courage to try , no matter how small you are ..

By Amazon Customer on 22 April 2017

Ken mcKenzie book,brillant, available at amason, kids loved it age 2 upwards, had a special meaning about not giving up and not being afraid, and about being brave when you are scared the book covers all these areas, very cleverly​ written 4 young children 2 understand, thanks Ken, x

By Amazon Customer on 23 April 2017

Good for youngsters to read a book that does`nt preach but has a moral ending.

By Amazon Customer on 24 April 2017

Fabulous little book perfect for kids with a nice message within the story. Very reasonably priced for what it is with lovely illustrations. Looking forward to reading more from the same author...Excellent buy!!!!

By Amazon Customer on 22 April 2017

My kids love this book i would recomend the author ken mackenzie to anyone all of his childrens books are amazing..

By Amazon Customer on 22 April 2017

Very good children's book. My kids loved it! A must have