Barak's world is a harsh world. Barak is a giant of a man, he is a slayer who metes out harsh justice and does not suffer fools gladly. Although a king in his own right it suits him to be in the employ of Rome carrying out their wishes. Returning to Britain from one of his ventures for Rome he finds that Black Guards from his own country of Krozakistan have poisoned the son of his friend King Aulric and kidnapped his daughter. Barak vows to find and return Aulric's daughter and then return to his home country to obtain the antidote to the poison and so save King Aulric's son. He enlists the help of many warrior friends of old. They have to prove themselves in bloody battles against many foes, both human and animal before they can reach his homeland. How will King Barak be welcomed in his homeland? Will he be successful in his double quest? There will be many battles to fight, many terrors to face before Barak can rest.

By Joyce Chapman on 30 Aug. 2014

Very descriptive writing, I felt I was there with Barak,facing his demons and fighting his battles
Look forward to reading more adventures of this giant of a man

By Retro Rita on 18 July 2014

Imagine yourself sitting around a campfire on a warm summer's night and listening to this tale, told by a man with a Geordie accent. A tale of secrets, loyalty, and a battle for friendship and peace. This book is written in an honest tongue and will transport you to a time and land when men were men and had to fight for their dreams. Loved the way this was written as if the tale was being related by one of the many colourful characters.

By Jackie Burns on 7 Sept. 2014

Great story, great value, great hero. Every now and then something unique comes along in the literary world and here we have it again. Join Barak and his companions on their quest save a prince, rescue a princess and recover a kingdom. Then battle with pirates and all manner of men and creatures. Listen to their stories and share their heartaches as the make an epic journey across the world. Enjoy the wonderfully descriptive language, the sausages, the roast chickens and the salmon. In this story you will live it, see it and taste it. A must read.