I will expand on this page as time goes on, for now though when trying to put into words what i can do for you in terms of a website all i can say is that it all comes down to what you need..

If you simply need a single web page and you already have at hand all the content (Like Images/Photos and your Text) then its not going to take long at all to get that page up and running.

If you need a 30 page site that you can edit yourself, but you don't yet have any content and need me to do that bit for you then its gonna take a lot longer to complete.

I charge for my time, and that old saying "Time is Money" comes in to play, so this is why at the moment there are no prices on the site, i would prefer to assess the project first to determine how long it should take and then quote accordingly.

Please drop me an email from the contact page stating your requirements, i will reply as soon as i can.


High End Drag & Drop Page Editor.

When i create a website for you using WordPress i also include what many say is the leading technology in page building tools, this plugin will help you build your pages in a very easy and visual way, below you will find videos that will show you how to use some of its features, if there isnt a video that covers your questions then drop me an email and i will create a new video just for your needs..

Website Examples

Carol Ray

Carol Ray grew up in the rural county of Devon (United Kingdom) and, with the encouragement of her parents, began singing from the age of 5.

With her father, she toured fairs and fetes and while still a teenager, in 1984 Channel 4 TV commissioned a half hour programme 'Chasing Rainbows' that featured Carol's singing talents which was broadcast to the nation to great acclaim.

Pink Cloud Boutique

Pink Cloud Boutique set up business in 2012 starting out selling beautiful hand-made cushions crafted in our home studio. Since then, we have expanded quite a bit and now sell beautiful lights, gifts and home wares using the best suppliers in the UK. We have a successful Etsy shop and still currently sell on Amazon today!
Feel free to message me on sales@pinkcloudboutique.co.uk if there is anything you would to see.

Clearaway Deliveries

Regardless of how much or how minimal waste you must expel, Clearaway Deliveries will discard it for you.

Our group will tidy up behind them to guarantee your property is left in top condition. No bother, simple, no anxiety, no chaos.
A few things may require an extra charge, see What We Carry for more information just drop us a question.